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Who is the DotNet Dude?

My name is Miguel A. Castro and I am a .NET Consultant, Author, Speaker, and Trainer with over 20 years of IT experience.  I have a background in full automation solutions encompassing all aspects of a project’s life cycle, including data gathering, architecture, design, development, documentation, and training.  I am also a Microsoft MVP in the area of Visual Developer C#, recently awarded for 2005.

This site was put together to give you an overview to who I am in hopes that we may one day do business together.  I am at heart a developer with a passion for coding.  My .NET language of choice is C#, though I have an extensive history with Visual Basic.  My area of special focus is ASP.NET Custom WebControls.  In this site you can download all sorts of components I have developed, including some WebControls I hope you will find very useful.  I also regularly post code snippets and other components I feel will be useful.  All downloads are free of charge open to royalty-free reuse.  The source code is provided for most of them but cannot be resold.

I am a regular contributor to CoDe Magazine  Magazine and a listing of my articles as well as other publishings can found on this site as well.

I am president of InfoTek Consulting Group, Inc. where I provide .NET consulting services to clients in the New York / New Jersey Metropolitan Area

Don't forget to visit my Weblog for constant postings on whatever my demented mind sees fit to share.  And please feel free to email me with any questions you would like to see posted in the FAQ section of this site.

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My contributions to CoDe Magazine, user group talks, and freeware development are all inspired by the passion I have for what I do for a living. As many spend much of their lives trying to invent that feeling, I have the good fortune of my work and my hobby being one in the same. As a consultant in one of the fastest paced industries around, my training in new technologies and continuing practice of existing ones never stops. Beginning with the Dungeons & Dragons dice roller I wrote on an old TRS-80 when I was 12 and continuing with the custom ASP.NET WebControls I enjoy developing today, the onslaught of new technologies has been a welcome challenge and an ever-present part of my life. It is my belief that loving what you do plays a major role in your ability to excel beyond your own expectations. It is a passion for technology that is my strategy for success.

                                   Miguel A. Castro

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